From Facebook to Uber, the internet revolution has changed all of our lives, but the music industry has been left behind.

Until now, when Encore has entered the field. Founded in 2014, Encore is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing network, with over 8,000 members and hundreds more joining every week. Encore connects these musicians with paid gigs, but it’s not stopping there. It is also becoming the online home for musicians, connecting every musician in the world to build an invaluable network. Put simply, if you are a musician, you should be on Encore.

Encore is uniquely positioned at the intersection of music and technology. Founded by two Cambridge computer scientists with performance diplomas in cello and piano, the team’s technical abilities are unrivalled. Its staff boasts four musicians, including a professional violinist who regularly performs with the Philharmonia and other top London orchestras.

Unlike the expensive diary services, Encore is free for musicians. Their business model is based around a simple booking fee, paid by the fixer or client. It takes less than a minute for musicians to sign up (either with Facebook or an email address) and once an account has been created, musicians start receiving alerts when relevant jobs are posted. There is also an app for Android phones which streamlines the job offers further, sending push notifications as soon as relevant gigs are posted.

Encore’s main focus is connecting musicians with gigs, but it is also creating a vibrant online community of musicians – think Facebook, but for those who can handle the sharps and flats. Its series of in-house blogs helps musicians negotiate professional life, from doing stress-free taxes to travelling around Europe with a cello, while the guest blogs share unique insights from world-class professional musicians.

A blog that will be of special interest to cellists is the one on travelling with musical instruments, which includes information on how to receive refund for taxes paid on airline cello seats.

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