Kim Mackrell

Kim Mackrell

Over the last ten years I have worked a lot with amateur musicians and have discovered an enthusiasm in them that has spurred me on to do more. The definition of amateur holds true: ‘a lover of’. I have not met one player who feels ambivalent about their desire to play and learn. I have loved seeing challenges tackled with courage, the incredible support amongst the groups for each other, the joy found through making music together, and lasting friendships that grow.

Events will be a playing-fest of cello ensembles, with the focus on cobbling the pieces together as well as possible in the time available, with a view to performing them to a sympathetic audience of friends and family at the end of the day. If no friends and family can make it we will drag someone off the street and play to our audience of one. Parts will always be allocated to suit the level of player, and there will be challenges for all, (from stratospheric parts for the advanced to keeping-going for the beginners), and solutions to those challenges, including the very important art of ‘faking it’.


  • The Forceful Martelé