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Soul Music
Works for the Cello inspired by Hebraic Themes

Sunday 8th May 2022 | 11.00am – 6.00pm

Royal Academy of Music | Concert Room

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Keith Harvey Memorial Fund & Award launches this season

Applications are now open for the Keith Harvey Memorial Award and recommendations for this Award are to be sent to [email protected]

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Beyond Cello

Beyond Cello

Beyond Cello is dedicated to exploring different approaches to the cello including jazz, blues, gypsy music and free improvisation. There’s a new world of ideas and musical styles waiting for you.

Cello Club

Cello Club

Cello Club is the Junior Division of the London Cello Society devoted exclusively to young cellists up to age 18.

Amateurs & Adult Learners

Amateurs & Adult Learners

Explore the pleasures of playing the cello and learning new skills, all shared in the spirit of affection for this most wonderful of instruments.

The London Cello Society

The London Cello Society promotes the art of cello playing, preserving its great traditions while encouraging its continuing development.

The Society exists for the benefit of young students, professional players and teachers, for amateur players and lovers of the cello and its repertoire.

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UK Cello Calendar

Guy Johnston & Melvyn Tan – Beethoven Complete Cello Sonatas

St Nicholas Church Harpenden
3:00 PM / 8:00 PM
Beethoven's five sonatas for piano and cello offer a unique window onto his creative and compositional development. Over the course of two concerts, cellist Guy Johnston and pianist Melvyn Tan present all five sonatas. Tickets £20 or book for both concerts and save £10 The Opus 5 Sonatas are a young man’s works: fresh, vibrant, energetic and witty. The A major sonata, the Opus 69, is from the middle, most productive, period of Beethoven’s life; yet, it was at this time that the composer wrote his moving Heiligenstadt Testament, in which he contemplated suicide. His deafness was now acute, if not quite total. The Opus 69 marks a turning point, particularly in the variety and organisation of its thematic material, and its improvisatory nature. The final pair of sonatas, the Opus 102, dating from the beginning of the “late” period of Beethoven’s life, sit alongside the beautiful, pastoral Opus 96 violin sonata, and the last three piano sonatas – all truly miraculous works. These two sonatas seem to inhabit another world entirely, and exude an almost transcendental spirituality.
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