Online Season 2020-2021

How to Enliven your Practice
with Kim Mackrell, Director of Amateurs and Adult Learners Division
Sunday 22nd November 2020 – 5.00PM

How to Enliven your Practise with Kim Mackrell, Director of Amateurs and Adult Learners Division Sunday 22nd November 2020 - 5.00PM

The practise process is probably the most important area of learning an instrument. Regular and well thought out practise goes hand in hand with progress and
enjoyment. In this session we will find our way round the pitfalls and frustrations we have all experienced, and answer any questions that have been gnawing away at you about this vital and surprisingly enjoyable occupation!

Kim Mackrell studied cello at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Leonard Steyn, where she won the Guildhall School Cello prize. Work abroad followed, in Bermuda with the Guildhall Quartet, and as principal cellist in the Las Palmas Philharmonic Orchestra. She joined the BBC Philharmonic in Manchester, leaving after six years to freelance with orchestras in the north.

Since returning to London her freelance work has been an eclectic mix of genres; regular LSO concerts and tours; solo cellist with the Kosh Dance/Theatre Company; twenty years with contemporary music group Harmonie Band performing original scores for silent film, taking projects to schools, and giving concerts; twelve years a member of the Solarek Piano Trio; founder of the Pisces String Quartet in 2004.

Her teaching practise began to attract adult amateurs, and through the cello section coaching and group work that followed, Chamber Cellos Courses was formed in 2008

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Past Amateurs & Adult Learners Division Events

Amateurs & Adult Learners
03/05/20201:00 PM / 5:00 PM

The Forceful Martelé

The School of Philosophy London
The School of Philosophy, 11 Mandeville Place, London W1U 3AJ
Our Spring event is taking place in the wonderful building that housed Trinity College of Music for so many years before it moved to Greenwich. In keeping with our theme of ‘deciphering bowing’ our focus will be on Martelé, that forceful and deeply satisfying sound that defines rhythm and musical character. The music will be chosen carefully in order to give the opportunity to discuss, try, improve and put the work we do into context. As always the music will be sent out in advance and allocated individually according to your playing level. All players from beginners to advanced are welcome, with simple parts for players at early stages and stratospheric parts for those who like a challenge. The cost of the day includes tea, coffee, and masses of cake. LCS members: £55, non-members: £65 LCS members: £40, non-members: £45 (Adult students in full time education) To book a place please email Kim [email protected].
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Amateurs & Adult Learners
06/10/201911:00 AM / 4:00 PM

The Flowing Bow

David Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music
David Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, Marylebone, London, NW1 5HT
October 6th will be the first in our new series investigating different bow techniques and spending a little time talking about them, trying, fixing, improving. Each event will see one aspect of bowing highlighted to demystify the language and equip you with the techniques required. The technique we will concentrate on in October will be ‘Legato’. ‘Long’ ‘smooth’ ‘seamless’ ‘flowing’, however it is described, it is the pathway to a ‘singing’ tone, a long musical line, and deep satisfaction all round. Cost for the day (includes a light lunch with wine): Members: Adult £65 / Adult Student £55 Non-Members: Adult £75 / Adult Student £60 Kim Mackrell Director Amateurs and Adult Learners To book please email Orsi: [email protected] For queries please email Kim: [email protected]
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05/05/20191:00 PM / 5:00 PM

Technical Trickery and the Art of Ease

St John’s Wood Church
St John’s Wood Church, London NW8
An afternoon dedicated to those important elements of cello playing that are often neglected. Selma Gokcen will present ‘A little More Ease…Cello Playing and the Alexander Technique’. Her session will take players through the basics of Alexander Technique, and discuss the importance of a healthy sitting position in order to enjoy playing for years to come. And how about de-mystifying those dots, dashes, circles and squiggles that regularly appear on our music to confound us? From natural or stopped harmonics to Bartok pizzicatos, knowing what they mean is one thing, working out how to play them is another. John Kirby will lead a fun and illuminating session where tricky techniques are explained, tried and tested, before throwing them all in a pot of John’s clever arrangements and put into practise. Sandwiches will be on offer on arrival at the church from 1.00, and a slap-up tea with homemade cakes will be available in the break. Looking forward to seeing you there. Kim Mackrell Director, Amateur & Adult Learning Division To book please contact Kim; [email protected].

Ticket Prices

Adult members £60 Adult non-members £70 Adults in full time education £50
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