11:00 AM / 4:00 PM


David Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music

David Josefowitz Hall, Royal Academy of Music, Marylebone Road, Marylebone, London, NW1 5HT

October 6th will be the first in our new series investigating different bow techniques and spending a little time talking about them, trying, fixing, improving. Each event will see one aspect of bowing highlighted to demystify the language and equip you with the techniques required.

The technique we will concentrate on in October will be ‘Legato’. ‘Long’ ‘smooth’ ‘seamless’ ‘flowing’, however it is described, it is the pathway to a ‘singing’ tone, a long musical line, and deep satisfaction all round.

Cost for the day (includes a light lunch with wine):

Adult £65 / Adult Student £55

Adult £75 / Adult Student £60

Kim Mackrell
Director Amateurs and Adult Learners

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