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Countdown to Bach!

In the countdown to our Back to Back Bach event, we will be posting each day a different recording of a particular suite, paired with a legendary performance.

#1 DAY TO GO– Roel Dieltiens – Join us for our day of Bach! Roel Dieltiens, a participating artist in tomorrow’s event, is seen here performing Suite No.2 in d minor

#2 DAYS TO GO–  Steven Isserlis performs the Sarabande from Suite No.3 in C major.

#3 DAYS TO GO– Julian Bream, considered as one of the greatest guitarist of the 20th Century, performs the Prelude from Suite No.4 in Eb major.

#4 DAYS TO GO– David Watkin has recently released a new recording of the six suites. Here, he is seen performing from the sixth.

#5 DAYS TO GO– Andre Segovia, the virtuoso classical guitarist, performs the Prelude from Suite No.1. Segovia’s performance is a testament to the wide-ranging popularity of the Suites, which have been transcribed to numerous instruments and performed by many great virtuosos.

#6 DAYS TO GO– Mischa Maisky performs Suite No.4 in Eb Major

#7 DAYS TO GO– Jean-Guihen Queyras performs Suite No. 5 in c minor

#8 DAYS TO GO– Yo-Yo Ma plays the Sarabande from Bach Suite No. II in d minor

#9 DAYS TO GO– Anner Bylsma, father of the Baroque cello movement, performs on a 5-string instrument the Gavotte of Suite No.6 in D major.

#10 DAYS TO GO– Mstislav Rostropovich – the Great Russian cellist performs Suite No. 5 in c minor.

#11 DAYS TO GO– Pierre Fournier – nicknamed the ‘aristocrat of the cello’ for his elegant and exquisitely refined playing, is seen here performing the Sarabande from Suite No.3 in C major.

#12 DAYS TO GO– Pablo Casals, regarded as one of the greatest cellists of all time and attributed to popularizing the Bach suites, is seen here in rare video footage at age 77, performing Suite No.1 in G major.

Lectures and Classes 1.30 – 5.45PM and Evening Concert 7.00PM

Participating Artists: Sebastian Comberti, Roel Dieltiens, Charles Medlam, Susan Sheppard, Raphael Wallfisch and David Watkin

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Royal College of Music and Tarisio Fine Instruments and Bows for this event.

The London Cello Society welcomes and celebrates the diversity of styles in performance, nowhere more than in the solo cello music of JS Bach. This event will explore the many approaches to playing Bach from cellists who not only inhabit the world of historical performance practice but who regularly cross over into modern cello playing. The Bach Cello Suites are a source of eternal fascination for each generation of players and teachers. Join us for a stimulating event, including lectures, classes and a concert, which will open up questions of history, performance practice, style and substance.

LCS members, RCM Friends and Patrons have priority booking from 12th August.

Limited seating for the afternoon events. Advance booking required.