I am the cellist in the ensemble Red Priest (www.redpriest.com) and we have a wonderful time travelling all round the world giving concerts and making CDs.

In between these concerts I teach the cello and the Alexander Technique to about 20 pupils, separately and simultaneously. You can find out more about me here www.angelaeast.co.uk.

Coming from the early music world I played continuo with several leading orchestras for many years, made two solo CDs and wrote a book called ‘Play Baroque!’.

In my youth, I did secretly play on some backings of pop music with the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Led Zeppelin and Eminem!

Angela East

The four pillars of musical brilliance!


Will be rewarded for their hard work and tenacity by experiencing exciting and innovative events with stunning teachers.


Are not just chauffeurs! Music is a family activity and parents will be included in helping to develop the Club.


Need to be supported in their quest to produce pupils with good posture and movement and all the elements that go to make up good players.

Cello Club

Will provide an enormous breadth of motivating experience to bring all the hard work into bloom!