1:00 PM / 5:00 PM


St John’s Wood Church

St John’s Wood Church, London NW8

An afternoon dedicated to those important elements of cello playing that are often neglected.

Selma Gokcen will present ‘A little More Ease…Cello Playing and the Alexander Technique’.

Her session will take players through the basics of Alexander Technique, and discuss the importance of a healthy sitting position in order to enjoy playing for years to come.

And how about de-mystifying those dots, dashes, circles and squiggles that regularly appear on our music to confound us? From natural or stopped harmonics to Bartok pizzicatos, knowing what they mean is one thing, working out how to play them is another.

John Kirby will lead a fun and illuminating session where tricky techniques are explained, tried and tested, before throwing them all in a pot of John’s clever arrangements and put into practise.

Sandwiches will be on offer on arrival at the church from 1.00, and a slap-up tea with homemade cakes will be available in the break.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Kim Mackrell
Director, Amateur & Adult Learning Division

To book please contact Kim; [email protected].

Ticket Prices

Adult members £60
Adult non-members £70
Adults in full time education £50