Global CelloDay

Instructions for music

Please print out all pieces for your grade. We will not be providing spare copies on the day, so please make sure you bring your music.

Please have a look at these and practise them before the day, so that we can enjoy working on the musical detail together on the day.

Refer to class times below to tell you which music you need for each class.

Senior Music

Should you have any queries about what Grade level you have enrolled your child, and therefore which music to download,  please contact [email protected].

Senior Ensemble

Cossack’s Song

Part 1 Lawton, Gill, Goss, Anderson-Hendra

Part 2 Turnbull, Delaney, Ono

Part 3 Oyetunde, Gooding, Hurst, Harrison

Part 4 Harris, Moh, Boyd

Part 5 Buether, Ross, Ede-Bray, Pang

Part 6 Jordan, Campbell, Redmond

Part 7 Gerritts, Haines, Chong, Purnell

Part 8 Platt, Mackenzie-Ross, Pike, Vojic, Shamazono


Part 1 Lawton, Gill, Goss, Anderson-Hendra, Harris, Harrison

Part 2 Turnbull, Hurst, Oyetunde, Delaney, Gooding, Ono

Part 3 Buether, Ross, Jordan, Ede-Bray, Campbell, Pang

Part 4 Redmond, Gerritts, Haines, Moh, Boyd, Purnell

Part 5 Chong, Platt, Mackenzie-Ross, Pike, Vojic, Shamazono

3 Spanish Dances

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Dance no 1

Part 1 Lawton, Turnbull, Gooding, Boyd, Ross, Harris
Part 2 Gill, Anderson-Hendra, Delaney, Hurst, Buether, Moh
Part 3 Mackenzie-Ross, Chong, Pike, Platt, Vojic, Jordan, Haines
Part 4 Oyetunde, Goss, Campbell, Ede-Bray, Gerritts, Redmond, Juniors

Dance no 2

Part 1 Gill, Anderson-Hendra, Delaney, Hurst, Campbell, Buether
Part 2 Lawton, Turnbull, Gooding, Boyd, Ross, Harris, Jordan
Part 3 Redmond, Gerritts, Haines, Ede-Bray, Moh, Vojic, Juniors
Part 4 Chong, Oyetunde, Pike, Goss, Platt, Mackenzie-Ross, Juniors

Dance no 3

Part 1 Goss, Oyetunde, Gerritts, Redmond, Turnbull, Anderson-Hendra
Part 2 Chong, Mackenzie-Ross, Vojic, Ede-Bray, Gill, Lawton, Moh
Part 3 Campbell, Redmond, Haines, Platt, Hurst, Boyd, Harris,
Part 4 Pike, Jordan, Buether, , Delaney, Gooding, Ross

Senior Class Times

5.00pm-5.45pmSenior Ensemble Cossacks Song, 3 Spanish Dances, Libertango
Ollie Mansfield and Josh Salter