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Beyond Cello – Introductory Workshop and Course

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The London Cello Society is delighted to present Beyond Cello, incorporating the development of improvisational skills in a variety of genres, and exploring the cello in new contexts. The next course will begin in October 2018.

The course will be run by the head of our new Beyond Cello division, Shirley Smart. Classically trained under Raphael Wallfisch and Janos Starker, she subsequently spent 10 years living in Jerusalem studying both jazz and Arabic classical music. Shirley draws on wide and rich musical background and experience.

The course will include a strong focus on developing aural learning, an essential skill for an improvising musician. The initial sessions will centre on music from North Africa, the Middle East and Balkans, and later explore free improvisation and jazz. We will also discuss practice techniques to develop improvisational skills.

Preview Video from 2016/17 Sessions

Beyond Cello Course 2018 / 2019


Sunday 21st October, 2nd December


February 10th, March 24th


May 12th, June 23rd


£30 per session ( £25 LCS members). It would be preferable to enrol for all sessions in advance if possible. We offer 10% off a full year enrolment.

Enrolment Deadline

Friday 28th September 2018

I look forward to seeing you there!

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