Amateurs Paradise

From Michael Bird, Head of Amateurs’ Paradise

If you are one of those cello lovers who seeks out ways to expand your enjoyment and share your delight in playing our noble instrument, then you have arrived at the right place.

The London Cello Society promotes an active Amateur and Adult Learner Division we call Amateurs Paradise for the fact that it is all enjoyment and no downside. Come along and be part of our classes, special events and dedicated days with entertaining tutors who stretch your abilities and always give you something new to ponder. As a member you will also receive our informative newsletter with a special section devoted to amateur interests and activities. Not to forget…our special discounts at cello events around London and the surrounding counties, which become yours when you join.

All in all we have some of the best times on four strings that can be found anywhere in the United Kingdom. So do consider becoming a member of our cello family.