Every season the London Cello Society presents a series of concerts and lectures devoted to different aspects of the cello and its repertoire.

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The London Cello Society

The London Cello Society promotes the art of cello playing, preserving its great traditions while encouraging its continuing development. The Society exists for the benefit of young students, professional players and teachers, for amateur players and lovers of the cello and its repertoire.

Become a member and enjoy benefits such as discounts to our events and other cello events in major venues, special presentations for members only, masterclasses, lectures, a bi-annual newsletter and much more.

Appearance on the Andrew Marr Show & Proms

Some of the UK’s finest cellists joined forces for an appearance on the Andrew Marr show and at the Proms on Monday 25th July.

It was a fabulous 12 – cello Tour de Force!

Listen again: www.bbc.co.uk/events/

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Beyond Cello

Last season, the London Cello Society launched a new division for passionate and curious cellists exploring at the boundaries of cello playing. In 2018 we are setting up a new programme, so watch this space! You can become part of the group at any time. It’s part of our easy learning philosophy.

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For Teachers

We are fortunate to have one of the finest teaching communities anywhere in the world in London. Our Society holds events to support this community and their students of all ages and levels. Become a member and contribute.

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Cello Club

Cello Club is the Junior Division of the London Cello Society devoted exclusively to young cellists up to age 18.

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Amateurs & Adult Learners

The London Cello Society is launching our new Amateurs & Adult Learners. We will be posting details of activities soon.

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